Dec 16, 2016 • 5 min read

Programming Language in 2017?

It’s a high time for computers and they are really taking over the world. Those who want to be a part of it can start with learning the language of computers. Right now, I can suggest you two languages that you can learn and get benefited.

Now a days, the web is really very popular and everything is on the web. So unless you are very much interested in the nifty internal details of how everything is working inside the machine, you can stay at the top make web applications and websites. Want to develop web applications? Go with JavaScript. Now you can ask me why JavaScript?

Because it was made for the browser. Unlike other general purpose languages, JavaScript was primarily built for the browser. With time it evolved and within the span of 4–5 years it has got it’s own big ecosystem, larger than any other programming language right now. From the frontend to the backend and even for Desktop Applications[using Electron]. For example, you may have heard of Atom –A hackable text editor for the 21st Century, It’s is made using electron.

Do you doubt it’s popularity? See these :

Now how can you really proceed with it?

All the above technologies are built on the top of JavaScript. Learn one language and do everything with it.

Book Recommendation:

That’s all for the web lovers. Take a long breadth and relax a bit. Lengthy text ahead. Proceed only if you want to learn anything other than web development.

What else can you learn if you do not want to go with Web Development? What if you want to dive deep inside and want to touch the core? If you want to know how JavaScript is built? How the JVM was built?

Your answer is System Programming! And the best language is none other than C++.

C++ has been there since a long time and it’s all about speed and efficiency. It has evolved to a completely new language which is beginner friendly and more expressive. If you see something very complex, fast and efficient you can assume that under it’s hood, there is C++. Few examples can help you:

The widespread success of Java is in part due to HotSpot, Sun’s implementation of the Java Virtual Machine. Hot-Spot supports just-in-time compilation and optimization and is a beautifully engineered piece of software. It’s also written in C++. The next time that someone engages you in a debate about the relative merits of C++ and Java, you can mention that “if not for a well-architected C++ program Java would not be a competitive language”. The WebKit layout engine used by Safari and Google Chrome is also written in C++. Most JavaScript interpreters are written in C/C++ . The most popular Chrome V8 Engine, Nitro and many more.

Keep in mind :

Now how will you proceed with learning C++? Here’s how you can do that:

A note for using the compiler.

Do not use TurboC++. It’s outdated and is useless. Use Visual Studio, the best IDE that uses the VisualC++ compiler. Alternatives are GCC and Clang. MinGW on windows.

Post by: Ashok Dey Fullstack JavaScript engineer, crafting scalable backends!