May 26, 2018 • 2 min read

Highlights of Node.js 10

Arrival of Node.js took JavaScript to Mars! Every day JavaScript is becoming more and more popular among developers. The credit goes to Node.js. Just few weeks back Node.js version reached 10 and I am excited to see an LTS release for the same. Let’s catchup with the hot changes in v10

Standardised Error Code 😊

Stable HTTP/2

Support for ES Module (ESM) 🎻

Modern Cryptography 🔐

Promise for File System module (Yay !! 🎉)

Performance Improvements 🌟

N-API support in Node.js 10 🙇

Finally NPM 6 👌

Credits 💝

The content for this article is majorly from Brad Traversy’s Youtube video. Watch it here: YouTube

Brad is an essential part of the community whose videos have helped a lot of beginners to come up with good understanding of different web technologies. Do subscribe him. Since a long time I was thinking to thank him and I found this to be a good way to thank him.

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Post by: Ashok Dey Fullstack JavaScript engineer, crafting scalable backends!