About Me

I am Ashok Dey, a Fullstack Engineer based in Noida, India. I am currently working with JavaScript, building REST APIs, frontends and learning to architecture scalable systems.

Starting as a Freelance Developer, I’ve worked with few businesses and startups to create their MVPs and was also responsible for upgrading the architecture with the incremental use of their applications.

On weekends, I like to meet people over tea/lunch for technical discussions and knowledge sharing or I spend my time mentoring people who are into Web Development via Talks/Workshops. Interacting with people (discussions/mentorship) has helped me a lot in shaping my application development process.

Technical Skills

JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB & Redis are the technologies I am playing with. For my latest work, have a look at my Github Profile

Some of my favourite Computer Science topics where I am willing to deep dive are :

Sharing Knowledge

I am always keen to share my learning & my mistakes in the field of tech. If you take a microscopic view of my GitHub activities, you can recognize my pace of breaking and learning things and if you trace my improvement curve it will turn out to be an exponential one.

I have lots of mini projects and POCs which proved helpful not only for the beginners but for some experienced developers as well, who appreciated me for the same. Inspired by this, I started maintaining a Guidelines Repository on GitHub.

Coding Workshops

Being a part of JSLovers community has opened new horizons for me. I have successfully delivered mini talks & live coding workshops for the community. Following are the topics of CodeLabs I’ve covered so far:


Initially I started as a Fullstack Freelancer in April 2016. The first company I joined as a Fullstack Engineer was Kisan Networks (March 2017) which is a YC Backed Startup in Gurugram, then I moved to Classplus (September 2017) and then to Oriserve (August 2018), I have been building products using the JavaScript Stack.

I try my best to write readable & clean code following the best standard practices. ESLint & TDD are always there in my projects. I am CI/CD fan boy!

Links to access my work:

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On the Internet

You can find me scattered all over the internet, few of the prominent places are:

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